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There aren’t many pleasures about teething! Except maybe that once one is through, we never have to worry about that one again!

I couldn’t understand Micah’s fractious, tearful morning yesterday. Until he opened wide to let loose a wail and lo and behold… two new molars and and eye tooth.

Not bad for one morning’s work.

So here are a few pics of my toothy child.

I happen to think he’s cute.

Not to mention the gloriously colourful pajamas that his Granny brought back from Korea.

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Thank you!

Big thank you to Chris for finishing my wedding anniversary gift! I love it, love it.

(Albeit 9 months late!)

I must say I’m loving being able to find my spices at first glance.

Hmmm… it looks like I need more sage!

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Heart stops…

Nothing stops a mummy’s heart faster than when her baby boy’s face is covered in blood.

Micah fell face first into a concrete barrier over the long weekend. I now have full understanding of how much I love my son!

One of the most aching moments is when they take that shocked deep breath and hold it for what seems forever before they’re able to let loose a painful scream.

He now has two chipped, jagged front teeth – the dentist says to keep an eye on them for nerve damage. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take my eye off them.

Isn’t it amazing though how quick they bounce back? I’m still feeling shaken over it, while Micah’s now toddling around taking new risks. He’s the most beautiful, wobbly wee tot – his arms held high as he fights for balance and lets loose high pitched joyful noises.

Summer will be fun now!

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8 days…

Here’s just an easy “hardly need to think about” hint for saving money. It’s worked really well for me and Chris this year – especially in conjunction with menu planning. Currently we have an $80 per week allowance for grocery shopping.

Shop every 8 days. Plan your menu for the next 8 days and schedule your next grocery shop on the eighth day. (I mark this in my diary) After 8 weeks you will have saved one weeks worth of grocery allowance.


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It’s not often that I buy something on the pricey side and still come home smiling. But there are a few things that I don’t mind spending a little more on:

– Environmentally friendly
– NZ made
– Non-toxic

Today I made a little purchase that I’m still smiling about. It was my father’s birthday this week – and so I had Micah draw a wee picture in pastels to frame as a gift. As was highly predictable, the pastels were more often in his mouth than on the paper. He’s only just started to show interest in drawing – and I want to be able to relax while he enjoys it.

So I started investigating and found these…

You can find them here – but I picked ours up from Moore Wilsons for $10.95. They come in packs of 12 crayons.

It’s a pity you can’t post a scent… they are so yummy. They’re made of untreated beeswax – so you’ll just have imagine the sweet smell. These are definitely a must in our home. Plus I’m afraid I’m a sucker for the gorgeous packaging.

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Micah is always especially cuddly after his afternoon sleep.

I had to grab the camera when I saw this….

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Menu planning…

I never used to menu plan. Hadn’t actually heard of it before. I never really used to cook!!

But when Micah came along and we decided that I was going to be a stay at home mum, I chose to make ‘family dinners’ a new priority.

Problem was – I didn’t have much of a variety of meals up my sleeve. Sometimes I would spend an agonising half the day trying to decide what to cook for dinner that wasn’t the same as the previous night. This detracted from my peace and enjoyment of mothering my tiny new baby – but also from my pocket! I had to keep running down to the supermarket for different ingredients at the last minute.

When I joined my savings website – things changed for me. I learned about menu planning and decided to put it to the test. It helped that at this time, I discovered that a close friend of mine also menu planned.

The change was dramatic. I couldn’t believe the difference. The peace. The budget. The organisation.

I could get parts of my meal prepared in the morning to make it easier when Micah became fractous in the the late afternoon. I knew what I needed for the week and could buy for it appropriately in the weekly shop. I never had to worry about what to have for dinner that night. And best of all – there was variety to our menu.

Now I’m addicted.

Until recently I’ve been using the menu planner from here, but lately it’s been looking scrappy on my fridge, and I’ve been trying to ‘cosify’ my house. So I got crafty and made my own (The idea of making it look lovely came from a blog I enjoy reading – Super Organiser Mum)

I love it! The red fits in perfectly with my kitchen colours and adds just a tad more glamour. I’ve even made another pretty green one for a friends birthday, I think its so cute.

The bulldog clip is from Kikki.K and the pretty paper from Gordon Harris. I just glued it around a piece of plain card that I had trimmed to the desired size.

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