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So our little family is on holiday!

It feels amazing to have Chris around all the time. The year has at times seemed so long and hard – but being a teacher pays off at the end of the year. I have to say… it’s heavenly!

So we’re in Christchurch for nearly three weeks… and the most charming thing has happened. His 4 yr old cousin is here and Mikey has actually started playing WITH him! I can’t describe the joy of watching your child playing with another for the first time – especially one who I love so much. The two boys are so precious!

It is the little odd moment like this when you just enjoy ‘watching’ – when you realise how important relationships are, and how the learning to interact with each other begins at such a young age.

Here are some pics so that you can enjoy ‘watching’ too 🙂








Just love….


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A precious moment…

The other night I had a precious moment. Really small and simple. But precious nonetheless… and I wanted to share.


I’d had a hard day. Mikey was fractious and I was tired. I was feeling especially conscious of our tiny house, cramped and cluttered. I was tired of budgeting, tired of worrying about money, just tired!


After dinner, when Micah was asleep, and the sun had set … I pottered around tidying bits of pieces and getting things ready for the next day. I lit my Christmas candles and turned on the lights of our little Christmas twigs to try and boost my mood.

Chris came in to the room and just then, John Mayer Slow Dancing in a Burning Room came on our MP3 player.

Chris danced with me.

I don’t think there are many feelings I enjoy more than that of having my husband’s strong arms around my waist. As he slowly rocked me around the room, my eyes flittered from one little pleasure to another… a framed wedding photo, my new hurricane vase, Mikey’s little toy box, our waffle-rug throw, all the red touches in our kitchen that I have lovingly added over the last three years, one of my Grandfather’s (who has passed away) candle figurines, my tiny little cutting that was taken from one of my mothers that is now starting to take on a life its own…. all these little things that I love. That I really love.

My house may be small – Mikey may not have a proper room of his on yet. I may not have decked it out in gorgeous blues and darling baby furniture.


But my home is filled with all that I love.

And, there was nothing more cosy and romantic than slow dancing to one of my favourite John Mayer songs.

If you own this song – please listen to it again. I can’t recommend it enough.

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Summer Pyjamas

I’m not sure what it is about babies in their pjs that I love so much…

In winter, they seem so snuggly and clean and just gorgeous. In summer, it’s just so CUTE!

Unfortunately, my wee heffalump of a boy outgrew his Korean pyjamas far too quickly – and we now can no longer do the buttons up!

So it was perfect timing when a friend gave mikey a belated birthday present with some gorgeous wee summer pyjamas…

So here they are in all their glory 🙂

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Babies in the morning…

aren’t they gorgeous?! Always cheerful to see you when you – in mussed up pajama’s, warm and dewy skin and blurry eyes.

I especially love them when they are wearing something seemingly adult – like a dressing gown…

But best of all –

I love it when my two boys have morning hair…

I can't help but love how chubby wee Micah is in this pic

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Korean pyjamas…

… what can I say?! Summer pyjamas are so cute. And I just love these ones from Mikey’s aunty and uncle!

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Lovely mess….

I have to admit that I hate mess.

Clutter and mess seem to clutter and mess up my thoughts. Even while giving Micah his bottle, I find myself constantly eyeing up the mess and putting it away in my head.

But there are some messes that I don’t mind. Usually they’re the ones that give me the giggles and are accompanied by my son’s bright eyed grin.

For example….



PS I’m pretty sure Micah loves the camera!

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but I love it anyway!

For a long time I’ve been wanting to buy a customised print of Mikey’s birth details to feature as art in his bedroom. I’ve seen all sorts of different versions around on the net – like here and here.

 Problem is, they cost quite a bit – and we are desperately scrimping these days. So, I decided to make one myself as a temporary solution until I can buy him a nicer one!

I played around with different fonts and colours on Microsoft Word with Micah’s birth details – and then printed it out in colour…

I removed the current matting from a white picture frame – and Chris helped me measure up some matching cardstock to back my wee poster.

Didn’t take me long – and I think it looks quite good! I’d like to play with it some more, and make it a little more us – but in the meantime, I’m loving it.

It’s definitely not perfect though! It’s a tiny bit crooked, and because it’s on thin paper the cardstock behind it makes it a little bit gray… plus see if you can spot the little oddity!

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