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I’m not sure why candles make me think of christmas… they are festive somehow aren’t they!

The other day I bought myself a wee treat – half price during a Briscos sale – A glass hurricane vase.

I love the way that a cheap $1 Warehouse candle can suddenly become glamerous and chic simply by glowing in a glass…

I tried to find somewhere to put it – and realised that all my surfaces were crowded! It becomes a habit to fill empty spaces and store things up high out of reach of little fingers – no wonder my home has a ‘cluttered’ feel about it.

I looked at all the candles that I’ve snuck into corners, and placed in front of photo frames, and snuggled up near ornaments – and felt sorry for them. All bunched up – each beautiful little fire stuffed in amongst all sorts of things.

They deserve better I think.

So I cleared a space – made a surface completely empty – and put my candle there – to shimmer and flicker and glow in all its glory!


I relished in it all evening.

The next morning it had to be returned to an up high -cluttered surface, out of my cheeky Micah’s view.

But each night… I sneak it back down and let it live a little life of solo beauty.

Why not?!

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Just a quick little post for today.

One of my FAVOURITE parts of Christmas is having the smell of pine hit you as you walk into the living room.

As a kid I used to sit in the evenings as the sun went down… just drinking in that smell. I’d love coming home from an outing just so I could get that renewed strength of the pine scent after being out in the fresh air.

I can’t believe how much I miss it this year.

So… I’m finding other ways to fill our little home with the smell of Christmas.  I can’t remember where I read this little hint – but I’m loving it…

I’ve always burnt scented candles in our home… usually vanilla.

This year my mum gave us a Christmas scented candle – beautiful scent of cinammon and gingerbread, quite a subtle lovely smell.



when it’s burnt WITH our usual vanilla….. it’s divine. 

Try burning your candles together for a little bit of heaven… mix and match with your favourite scents and be surprised 🙂

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Ok, so… tiny budget, tiny house and tiny hands.

Combined, these things make christmas decorating just that little bit trickier. For example large, real christmas trees just aren’t very practical when you have a wee adventurer with sticky fingers and a love of climbing and all things shiney.

But – I just LOVE christmas. And I’m determined to love it this year even with our limitations…

So to begin with – I start with Christmas music.

Oh, it has such a distinctive sound! I only have to hear the beginnings of a carol and I’m already smelling pine and seeing lights.

Songs have such a powerful effect on us – and can triggor old and forgotten memories for me. I really want Micah to associate christmas music with lovely family scrummy days!

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been hunting. I’ve been ferriting out various artists and songs, checking other blogs for ideas, doing random searches on Itunes, and slowly building up a little collection of Christmas songs that get me all tingly and ready for our first ‘family’ christmas.

I’m keen to share some of my favs… so here’s a list of some of them. They’re all on itunes, so you can listen to snippets of them to your heart’s content if you so desire…

The First Noel     Sarah McLachlan

Silent Night (duet)    Over the Rhine

Carol of the Bells       Straight No Chaser

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas    Judy Garland

Jingle Bells      Frank Sinatra

Breath of Heaven     Amy Grant

The Christmas Song     Ella Fitzgerald

Mistletoe and Wine    Cliff Richard

Christmas Tonight    David Barnes and Hilary Scott

Baby It’s Cold Outside     Leeanne Womack and Harry Connick Jnr

Song For a Winter’s Night    Sarah McLachlan

Carol of the Bells     BarlowGirl


So there you are… Some of my ABSOLUTE favourites… Hope you enjoy 🙂

But… how about you? Do you have any songs that just spell Christmas to you?! Any songs that, until you hear them… it’s just not Christmas?

I would LOVE to know what songs get you dancing your way into the Christmas spirit…. so if you have a moment, please share!

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Unexpected treat!

Here’s a tiny pleasure if there ever was one!

Wiping down the shelves of my fridge has been on my ‘to do’ list for a while and today I finally got round to doing it.

As per usual, I emptied the fridge and wiped it down.  In doing this, I often find the odd few containers that are near expiry or almost empty that are sticky and space-wasters and so I chuck them out and make my fridge seem more organised again!

After putting everything back, I turned to start rinsing out the containers of ‘bits’ when I took a second glance…

Chris had recently made up a new batch of yoghurt but we’d forgotten to use up the dregs of this one. Enough jam for half a sandwhich and passionfruit pulp due to expire – about a teaspoon full.

I had an “Ah ha” moment…

Remember this blog?

So, in a fit of brilliance (at least I think so) I just combined these three and put into four of my lovely tuppaware iceblock moulds.

SO scrummy and NO wastage and a lovely treat for the hot weather.

Very proud of myself today.

Anybody else have ‘brilliant’ ideas for using up dregs rather than throwing them out? I’d love to hear some…

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but I love it anyway!

For a long time I’ve been wanting to buy a customised print of Mikey’s birth details to feature as art in his bedroom. I’ve seen all sorts of different versions around on the net – like here and here.

 Problem is, they cost quite a bit – and we are desperately scrimping these days. So, I decided to make one myself as a temporary solution until I can buy him a nicer one!

I played around with different fonts and colours on Microsoft Word with Micah’s birth details – and then printed it out in colour…

I removed the current matting from a white picture frame – and Chris helped me measure up some matching cardstock to back my wee poster.

Didn’t take me long – and I think it looks quite good! I’d like to play with it some more, and make it a little more us – but in the meantime, I’m loving it.

It’s definitely not perfect though! It’s a tiny bit crooked, and because it’s on thin paper the cardstock behind it makes it a little bit gray… plus see if you can spot the little oddity!

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