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I just got the BEST Christmas gift ever ūüôā

For me, it’s one of the ultimate tiny pleasures…

I’ve mentioned the Simple Savings website that I’m a member of several times in previous blogs… I just LOVE it. I’ve gathered SO many recipes, creative ideas, cleaning tips, savings hints over the last year that I’m a complete addict.

Even Chris has been impressed with the site.

I truly believe my perspectives and outlook on life has done a complete 180 since joining this site.Our new slogan/running joke is “…it’s the SS way!”

Each year they produce a calendar. Each month has a challenge.

I’m always up for a challenge!

And ***excuse me while I do a happy dance*** next year’s calendar is finally released!

I’m so ready for it!

This last year was my first go – I was really good with some challenges, a little slack¬†with others… But next year, it’s all on!

I’m looking forward to sharing my year of monthly tasks with you…

PS – while there is a fee to join the site, this calendar is free and can be found¬†here if you’re interested.

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So progress is being made¬†… which is lovely.

I have finished my list of friends and family that Chris and I want to consider over Christmas. Sorting them wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. Some of my friends are overseas, some in other cities – so I cant just group people¬†“family” and give them all the same thing.¬† At present I have them all scribbled down in a notebook – but I plan to type them up in a list so that I can mark them off as I complete this challenge.

Next up – planning gifts.¬† I’ve already started scouring the web for ideas. I want to try and make as many of them as possible – so looking for ideas that I can make in bulk. I’ve come up with several that I can play with to meet all the needs of my various groups and friends – a couple from my savings website here¬†and several from a favourtie blog of mine here. So as I type up my list of people, I’ll mark off next to them what kind of gift we’re giving them. Both Chris’ and my families seem to be doing a ‘secret santa’ like Christmas this year – so I’ll have to juggle around that a bit too.

My next to do:
– Design a Christmas card master copy
– Make a selection of Christmas tags to attach to gifts

Now I’m on a roll. I’m enjoying this challenge – I don’t think I’ve ever even thought about Christmas in October before.¬† It feels good. However, I’m already nearly two weeks into the month – and haven’t actually done much yet. So I need to get moving.

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Its already October!

As I mentioned in a previous post – Chris and I take on a new challenge each month, generally savings orientated.

This month is PMB month. Plan Make Buy.

The idea is to start thinking about Christmas early, planning ahead to ensure that there are no last minute hectic trips to the shops, no panic in deciding what to get people, no expensive blow outs.

I’m actually quite excited. I’ve always wanted to be organised. I often try to be – in fact I even start planning and organising my time only to fall into my usual patterns within a week or two (sometimes after only a day or two). It’s sad. Somehow I have it in my head that being a mother would be so much easier if I could actually organise myself.

So here we go. So far these challenges have been a success for me and I’m hoping that this one will too.

My first task is to plan gifts. I’ve decided to do as many home made gifts as possible. Our families usually do a secret santa for Christmas to take the expense out of gift giving. But there are so many people I want to give some ‘love’ to and show that I appreciate them. I never have done this at Christmas time, although I always end up wishing I had. So time to get creative and organised!

First things first… who?! Tonight I’m going to write out a list of all the people I want to acknowledge over Christmas. Then I’m going to group them. This should make deciding on gifts easier – will also help me organise any ‘bulk’ presents I plan to make.

Will let you know how I go!

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