Just a quick little post for today.

One of my FAVOURITE parts of Christmas is having the smell of pine hit you as you walk into the living room.

As a kid I used to sit in the evenings as the sun went down… just drinking in that smell. I’d love coming home from an outing just so I could get that renewed strength of the pine scent after being out in the fresh air.

I can’t believe how much I miss it this year.

So… I’m finding other ways to fill our little home with the smell of Christmas.  I can’t remember where I read this little hint – but I’m loving it…

I’ve always burnt scented candles in our home… usually vanilla.

This year my mum gave us a Christmas scented candle – beautiful scent of cinammon and gingerbread, quite a subtle lovely smell.



when it’s burnt WITH our usual vanilla….. it’s divine. 

Try burning your candles together for a little bit of heaven… mix and match with your favourite scents and be surprised 🙂


The Five Senses

I really want my kids to look back on their childhood Christmases with strong memories of a loving, cosy, safe and joyful family time.

So I’m taking advantage of Mikey being so little to start practising and trying out different ideas – discovering traditions that will work.

I believe that creating memories that really last means finding ways to involve each of the five senses.

  • Taste This is SO much fun for me – I love baking and cooking! I’m really enjoying finding Christmas flavours to experiment with in the kitchen
  • Sight I can’t wait to start finding effective and beautiful ways of decorating our home. Tough with little hands about – but trying to find alternatives (like here)
  • Touch Christmas is such a ‘family’ time – I can’t wait to fill it with cuddles and christmas stories – holding hands at the dinner table, hugs of gratitude
  • Sound – This is a biggie for me – and I’m already working on it (see this post!) – and still hungering for more ideas. I also want the house FILLED with laughter and chatter, whispering prayers, excited squeals and just the general sound of family business.
  • Scent – Another biggy. I think we underestimate the power of scent and how it triggers memories. I’m already finding ways to bring this into our every day family life (see this post) – and Christmas is no exception.

I want to develop this further each year while my kids are tiny – so that it becomes natural and easy when they are old enough to really start building memories.

Because this is our FIRST Christmas as a family in our own home – this year is really just about baby steps!

But you’ve got to start somewhere… and I want to share them as I go … I would just LOVE to hear any further ideas from you guys! So if a post of mine sparks a thought – or reminds you of something that really meant a lot to you as a kid – or you just have a new brilliant idea… please feel free to leave a comment! I’m all ears!!!

Yesterday Mikey and I made a surprise treat for Daddy.

These are so easy and simple – and such a great fun thing to do for kids – so thought I’d share

First we opened a pack of mellow puffs … (lucky for me, Mikey doesn’t really know what these are yet!)


Then we broke out the lollies. I had collected these in my last grocery shop – about 10 spearmint leaves for 33 cents and 15 jaffas for 60 cents


I just sliced a few of the spearmint leaves in half.

Melt the white chocolate in a glass bowl resting over a pot of boiling water (Mummy did this bit, while Mikey watched)

Then Mikey helped me drop spoonfuls of the white chocolate over each mellowpuff. Lastly, place a jaffa and a spearmint leaf on each one – and pop into the fridge to chill.

Such a yummy little treat – but I think they’re almost too pretty!

Broke my heart to actually let them be eaten!

Recipe sourced from here 🙂 http://allrecipes.com.au/recipe/10715/baby-christmas-puddings.aspx

aren’t they gorgeous?! Always cheerful to see you when you – in mussed up pajama’s, warm and dewy skin and blurry eyes.

I especially love them when they are wearing something seemingly adult – like a dressing gown…

But best of all –

I love it when my two boys have morning hair…

I can't help but love how chubby wee Micah is in this pic

Christmas lights…

I miss having a Christmas tree… terribly.

The smell. The lights. The decorations – the complete ambience of it.

So we’re having to find all sorts of toddler proof alternatives.

Fairy lights are a must for me. I’ve spent hours of my child and teenage hood sitting in the dark enjoying the Christmas tree lights.

So here they are… some christmas twigs in a glass carafe, tiny berry beads and fairy lights.

A tiny touch of Christmas in a tiny home.

High enough to be out of reach


Anyone else squeezing Christmas into a tiny home?

I just got the BEST Christmas gift ever 🙂

For me, it’s one of the ultimate tiny pleasures…

I’ve mentioned the Simple Savings website that I’m a member of several times in previous blogs… I just LOVE it. I’ve gathered SO many recipes, creative ideas, cleaning tips, savings hints over the last year that I’m a complete addict.

Even Chris has been impressed with the site.

I truly believe my perspectives and outlook on life has done a complete 180 since joining this site.Our new slogan/running joke is “…it’s the SS way!”

Each year they produce a calendar. Each month has a challenge.

I’m always up for a challenge!

And ***excuse me while I do a happy dance*** next year’s calendar is finally released!

I’m so ready for it!

This last year was my first go – I was really good with some challenges, a little slack with others… But next year, it’s all on!

I’m looking forward to sharing my year of monthly tasks with you…

PS – while there is a fee to join the site, this calendar is free and can be found here if you’re interested.

Gift Packaging…

This year, Chris and I have decided to make our Christmas gifts.

I love gift giving. It’s a way of investing time, thought and energy into others – which I believe is special for both the giver and receiver.  It’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas. At the same time, I find the idea that you have to buy gifts, stress over what to give, spend a lot of money, obligation / expectation aspects of Christmas really difficult.

So we’re keeping it simple. Little gifts to remind others that they mean something to us.

The question was…. how to package them?!

Funnily enough – my friend came up with the same idea as us… Noodle boxes!

I LOVE noodle boxes. I think they are so cute! For some reason, whenever I see them I think of Gilmore Girls. And they give me warm fuzzies.

So Tess collected a stack of 50 mini boxes from Moore Wilson’s cheap as chips- and dropped half off to us.

They were perfect…. although, not very Christmassy….

So I’ve done them up a tad.

After some hunting online, I found some gorgeous wee free printables. You can find them here and here

I cut them out…

So cute!

I just LOVE my craft cutter

and used a gluestick to stick them on two sides of the noodle boxes…

and Voila!  Cute packaging for little Christmas gifts 🙂

I love them

So how bout you guys? Any cute packaging ideas to share?!