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I just got the BEST Christmas gift ever šŸ™‚

For me, it’s one of the ultimate tiny pleasures…

I’ve mentioned the Simple Savings website that I’m a member of several times in previous blogs… I just LOVE it. I’ve gathered SO many recipes, creative ideas, cleaning tips, savings hints over the last year that I’m a complete addict.

Even Chris has been impressed with the site.

I truly believe my perspectives and outlook on life has done a complete 180 since joining this site.Our new slogan/running joke is “…it’s the SS way!”

Each year they produce a calendar. Each month has a challenge.

I’m always up for a challenge!

And ***excuse me while I do a happy dance*** next year’s calendar is finally released!

I’m so ready for it!

This last year was my first go – I was really good with some challenges, a little slackĀ with others… But next year, it’s all on!

I’m looking forward to sharing my year of monthly tasks with you…

PS – while there is a fee to join the site, this calendar is free and can be foundĀ here if you’re interested.

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