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I really want my kids to look back on their childhood Christmases with strong memories of a loving, cosy, safe and joyful family time.

So I’m taking advantage of Mikey being so little to start practising and trying out different ideas – discovering traditions that will work.

I believe that creating memories that really last means finding ways to involve each of the five senses.

  • Taste This is SO much fun for me – I love baking and cooking! I’m really enjoying finding Christmas flavours to experiment with in the kitchen
  • Sight I can’t wait to start finding effective and beautiful ways of decorating our home. Tough with little hands about – but trying to find alternatives (like here)
  • Touch Christmas is such a ‘family’ time – I can’t wait to fill it with cuddles and christmas stories – holding hands at the dinner table, hugs of gratitude
  • Sound – This is a biggie for me – and I’m already working on it (see this post!) – and still hungering for more ideas. I also want the house FILLED with laughter and chatter, whispering prayers, excited squeals and just the general sound of family business.
  • Scent – Another biggy. I think we underestimate the power of scent and how it triggers memories. I’m already finding ways to bring this into our every day family life (see this post) – and Christmas is no exception.

I want to develop this further each year while my kids are tiny – so that it becomes natural and easy when they are old enough to really start building memories.

Because this is our FIRST Christmas as a family in our own home – this year is really just about baby steps!

But you’ve got to start somewhere… and I want to share them as I go … I¬†would just LOVE to hear any further ideas from you guys! So if a post of mine sparks a thought – or reminds you of something that really meant a lot to you as a kid – or you just have a new brilliant idea… please feel free to leave a comment! I’m all ears!!!

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