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This is a beautiful little treat that I was sent by my lovely mother-in-law.

Micah in particular just loves it. He sits on the bed in the morning while I bring it up on the computer screen.

This is a desktop Advent Calendar.

The scene is a gorgeous little snowy town that fills your computer screen. Each day, you are able to click on the appropriate number, and it opens a little animated scene – a toy shop, a train filled with presents, or decorating the village tree – all to quaint Christmas music. After the little animation is finished- you’re brought back to the main village screen but its just that little more twinkly and colourful with a new image “alive”.

It’s absolutely darling. The artwork and animation is beautiful. I love sitting down with Mikey to watch it. Here’s a little idea of what it’s like

just stunning


When you’re finished, you just shrink the village and it becomes a glowing little snow globe in the corner of your computer screen until you next want to bring it up.

It’s such a fun way to count down to Christmas and fairly cheap – only $3 US . The link for a demo is here – if you’re interested!

Would love to hear how you guys are celebrating the count down to Christmas! Any other wonderful Advent ideas?

**note: I have not been asked to promote this product, nor received anything for doing so. It’s simply something lovely I was given, and wanted to share.

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