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This year, Chris and I have decided to make our Christmas gifts.

I love gift giving. It’s a way of investing time, thought and energy into others – which I believe is special for both the giver and receiver.  It’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas. At the same time, I find the idea that you have to buy gifts, stress over what to give, spend a lot of money, obligation / expectation aspects of Christmas really difficult.

So we’re keeping it simple. Little gifts to remind others that they mean something to us.

The question was…. how to package them?!

Funnily enough – my friend came up with the same idea as us… Noodle boxes!

I LOVE noodle boxes. I think they are so cute! For some reason, whenever I see them I think of Gilmore Girls. And they give me warm fuzzies.

So Tess collected a stack of 50 mini boxes from Moore Wilson’s cheap as chips- and dropped half off to us.

They were perfect…. although, not very Christmassy….

So I’ve done them up a tad.

After some hunting online, I found some gorgeous wee free printables. You can find them here and here

I cut them out…

So cute!

I just LOVE my craft cutter

and used a gluestick to stick them on two sides of the noodle boxes…

and Voila!  Cute packaging for little Christmas gifts 🙂

I love them

So how bout you guys? Any cute packaging ideas to share?!

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